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研究方向 学术成果 专著

-Distributed Data Processing: distributed data indexing; load balance; query processing;

-Information Retrieval in Ecommerce: product recommendation; production search; spammer detection;

-Web Service Management: web service search;web service indexing; web service organization;

-Massive Data Management: online query processing; column-wise data storage management; data consistency management.



-2016: WAIM'2016 Demo Chair

-2015: APWEB'2015 Demo Co-chair

-2012: WWW'2012,CIKM'2012,VLDB Summer School

-2011: DASFAA’2011, EMNLP'2011

-2010: DASFAA'2010, WAIM'2010, IUCS’2010,NDBC’2010



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