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 题目:Education in the age of platforms
主讲人:Aurélien Faravelon
时间:2015年10月22日 9:40-10:10

摘要:Platforms are pervading the education sectors. edX or coursera, for instance, are only two examples of major platforms in the sector. In this talk, I will inquire into the way platforms revolution education and their potential externalities.
I will first picture the describe the education platform ecosystem. I will show how the platform model alters the social relations at the heart of education and the learning process.
I will then turn to platforms which are not directly educational, such as github or stackoverflow and show the way they leverage human resources for instance as they help to target potential clients or workers and assess competences.
I will wrap up my talk by presenting the overall externalities of platforms in education and address tools, such as degrees or Cvs that they will reshape, along with the way we use them.

报告人简介:Aurélien Faravelon holds a PhD in computer science and a MA in philosophy. After completing a doctorate on privacy management and protection, he joined the DICE team at IXXI in Lyon, France. He currently investigates the issues of digital economy and especially digital intermediation. His recent works include designing a model for digital intermediation and designing tools to visualise the intermediation economy.