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题目:Sustainable Extensibility in Big Data
主讲人:Dean Allemang
时间:2015年10月26日 9:00-10:00
摘要:In this talk, I will present a big-data system that is in production at a major international bank to manage reference data for a variety of uses, including Anti-money laundering and "know your customer"(AML/KYC), risk assessment, and regulatory compliance. The system addresses two common big-data challenges for enterprise data systems, especially in large financial institutions. The first is "sustainable extensibility" - the system can be extended to include new data sources on an ongoing basis, allowing it to extend its coverage as more stakeholders join in (a common occurrence in today's world of corporate conglomerates). The second is bitemporality - every piece of data in the system is indexed based on system time (when the fact was known) and business time (when the fact was true). A key success factor is the use of a central ontology that manages all stages of the production system, including data ingestion, data quality, security, optimization and presentation. The system has been in production use for over a year, proving the viability of the approach.
报告人简介:Dean Allemang specializes in innovative applications of knowledge technology, is Founder and Principal Consultant at Working Ontologist LLC., a consultancy specializing in semantic web applications, currently with an industry focus in Finance. Formerly Chief Scientist at TopQuadrant, Inc., he has over 15 years experience in research, deployment and development of Semantic Technology systems. Dean Allemang has worked and studied extensively internationally as a Marshall Scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge. No stranger to innovation, he was twice winner of the Swiss Technology Prize. He has been keynote speaker for a number of Semantic Web conferences, including the Semantic Technologies and Business conference, the OWLED workshop, RuleML and at the 3rd Joint InternationalSemantic Technology Conference. As an internationally recognized expert in the Semantic web, he participated in the review board for the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) - the world’s largest Semantic Web research institute. He led TopQuadrant’s successful TopMIND training series, from which he drew much of the inspiration for his bestselling book (co-authored with Prof. Jim Hendler), Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist, now in second edition and translated into Chinese. Other book contributions include Abductive Inference (Josephson and Josephson, eds.) and Linking Enterprise Data (Wood, ed.). Dr. Allemang combines a strong formal background (MSc in Mathematics, University of Cambridge, PhD in Computer Science, Ohio State University) with years of experience applying knowledge-based technologies to real business problems.