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 题目:Big Data for Complex Business Analytics
主讲人:Dr. Sheng-Chuan Wu
摘要:By combining the enormous modern and inexpensive computing power on Big Data platform such as Hadoop, data scientists can now perform sophisticated Data Mining operations on the zettabytes of digital data produced every minute. However, several challenges, namely heterogeneous data sources, convolute data relations and complex queries inherent to actionable business analytics, make it difficult to answer essential business questions from big data.For example, medical practitioners may want to explore the trove of patient medical records in a hospital to answer the following question, "Find the probability of male, type-2 diabetes African American patients aged between 50 and 60, who were treated with Rosiglitazone and suffered from heart attack or stroke within 6 months." Such query involves many self joints plus temporal reasoning, not practical for a key-value database typical with Hadoop to perform. In this talk, Dr. Wu will describe a new analytic architecture, combining the popular big data Hadoop platform, semantic index and distributed query to extract actionable business insight from big data in nearly real-time. He will show the power of this new architecture with real-world examples in Healthcare and medical analytics.
报告人简介:Dr. Sheng-Chuan Wu received his Ph.D. in Scientific Computing and Computer Graphics from Cornell University in the US. He has, since graduation, involved in several software companies, including the founding of the first integrated CAD/CAM/CAE company. He has in the last 20 years worked as a senior corporate executive at the leading Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technology company, Franz Inc in Silicon Valley, with responsibility in application development, marketing, consulting and new business development. Dr. Wu has also in many occasions collaborated with Bioinformatics experts from Harvard Medical School, Stanford University and Astra Zeneca, working with massive biological data. Dr. Wu has been focusing on Semantic Technology over the last 7 years. He has routinely lectured on AI and Semantic Technology at conferences. He has, since 2007, conducted more than 20 week-long workshops on Semantic Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Malaysia, China, India and other Asian countries. Additionally, Dr. Wu has consulted on several Big Data and Semantic Technology projects in the US and Asia.